Tyler Goodson 40 Yard Dash Time

Tyler Goodson Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.42 seconds

Tyler Goodson is a NFL player from Suwanee, GA, who plays in running back position. His college is Iowa and has an athleticism score of 83.13. Tyler Goodson has a 40 yard dash time of 4.42 seconds.


  • Open-field spin allows him to disappear from tackler.
  • Feet glide through shifts in the run track.
  • Adequate acceleration to the corner.
  • Foot quickness to escape out the side door.
  • Ran routes out of backfield and split out.


  • Average vision and doesn't trust the run track.
  • Indecisive multi-stepper on inside zone runs.
  • Dances excessively to the line of scrimmage.
  • Not much separation getting out of pattern breaks.
  • Doesn't set tacklers into blocks effectively enough.
  • Unable to muster enough force to drive through contact.

NameTyler Goodson
40 Yards Dash4.42 seconds
Positionrunning back
Data Year2022
Arm Length29.5 inches
College ClassJunior
Weight197 lbs
Height69 inches

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