Zach Thomas 40 Yard Dash Time

Zach Thomas Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.96 seconds

Zach Thomas is a NFL player from Carlsbad, CA, who plays in offensive guard position. His college is San Diego State and has an athleticism score of 71.88. Zach Thomas has a 40 yard dash time of 4.96 seconds.


  • Active feet to mirror the rush.
  • Brings feet with him through protection redirection.
  • Broad across his upper body, with room for more muscle.
  • Comes off the snap with excellent pad level.
  • Athleticism and body control to stay connected to the block.
  • Feints punch to create a reaction.
  • Stays low and fits into blocks with leverage.
  • Engages and runs feet through the whistle.


  • More rigid punch to firm up edges is required.
  • Doesn't generate much pop getting into down blocks.
  • Hand placement can get away from him.
  • Needs to do a better job of resetting hands when he gets behind.
  • Plays with lunge when climbing up to linebackers.
  • Needs to maintain a flat-back protection posture.
  • Punch gets timed and swatted by defenders.
  • Lacks explosiveness into contact.

NameZach Thomas
40 Yards Dash4.96 seconds
Positionoffensive guard
Data Year2022
Arm Length33.875 inches
College ClassR-Senior
Weight308 lbs
Height76.875 inches

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