Zion Johnson 40 Yard Dash Time

Zion Johnson Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

5.18 seconds

Zion Johnson is a NFL player from Bowie, MD, who plays in offensive guard position. His college is Boston College and has an athleticism score of 92.84. Zion Johnson has a 40 yard dash time of 5.18 seconds.


  • Consistent latch, sustain and push as block finisher.
  • Excellent leverage and lift into initial strike.
  • Insteps and hip roll sink a heavy anchor versus bull-rush.
  • Operates with consistently wide, stout base.
  • Two-time team captain with plus intelligence.
  • Natural pop in phone-pole punch.
  • Protection benefitted from tackle experience in 2020.
  • Strength level travels into "brute force" designation.
  • Big bubble, girthy lowers and wingspan like a tackle.
  • Rarely lingers on combos, getting to second block with timing.
  • Takes accurate cut-off angles to linebackers.
  • Shines as double-team blocker with technical savvy.


  • Works out of an unorthodox pre-snap stance.
  • Some struggles adjusting to moving targets.
  • Punch will land a little high and slide off the pads.
  • Below-average redirection quickness.
  • Occasional issues with twists and blitzes.
  • Can better help teammates dealing with one-on-one rush.
  • Inconsistent gaining enough ground on stretch plays.
  • Slow in resetting and regrouping hands.

NameZion Johnson
40 Yards Dash5.18 seconds
Positionoffensive guard
Data Year2022
Arm Length34 inches
College ClassSenior
Weight312 lbs
Height74.625 inches

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