Roger McCreary 40 Yard Dash Time

Roger McCreary Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.5 seconds

Roger McCreary is a NFL player from Mobile, AL, who plays in cornerback position. His college is Auburn and has an athleticism score of 51. Roger McCreary has a 40 yard dash time of 4.5 seconds.


  • Used his physicality to rough up Penn State WR Jahan Dotson.
  • Suffocates receiver space when operating on a vertical plane.
  • Plays with recognition and two-route response against combo routes.
  • Tough, face-up tackler who drives through his target.
  • Highly disruptive against Alabama.
  • Plays the role of irritant in press man.
  • Ability to put the receiver's release in neutral.
  • Compact with impressive play strength.
  • Rakes through receiver's hands to alter catch chances.


  • Lacks playmaking and tackling length.
  • Requires better eye balance from off man.
  • Allows separation at the break point.
  • Needs better foot patience to mirror crafty releases/routes.
  • Short-stepping hinders closing quickness in space.
  • Takes time to flip hips into sprint mode.
  • Slight stall in his plant-and-drive mechanism.
  • Taller wideouts can play above the rim on him.

NameRoger McCreary
40 Yards Dash4.5 seconds
Data Year2022
Arm Length28.875 inches
College ClassSenior
Weight190 lbs
Height71.375 inches

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