Tyrion Davis-Price 40 Yard Dash Time

Tyrion Davis-Price Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.48 seconds

Tyrion Davis-Price is a NFL player from Baton Rouge, LA, who plays in running back position. His college is LSU and has an athleticism score of 66.98. Tyrion Davis-Price has a 40 yard dash time of 4.48 seconds.


  • Talented operating behind a lead blocker.
  • Gets better with volume.
  • Premium combination of size and athletic talent.
  • Accelerates and cuts like a smaller back.
  • Runs with excellent bend.
  • Attacked the line of scrimmage against Alabama.
  • Battering ram in open space.
  • Quick to process and secure a back-side cut.
  • Drops and collides with tacklers, dragging them for extra yardage.


  • Slams into a lineman's back on a regular basis.
  • Below-average feel for blocking scheme and run lane.
  • Hands are a coin flip as a pass-catcher.
  • More stutter-and-go than one-cut runner.
  • Needs better patience to allow smoke to clear up front.
  • Ball security might be an ongoing issue.

NameTyrion Davis-Price
40 Yards Dash4.48 seconds
Positionrunning back
Data Year2022
Arm Length30.75 inches
College ClassJunior
Weight211 lbs
Height72.375 inches

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