Cam Jurgens 40 Yard Dash Time

Cam Jurgens Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.92 seconds

Cam Jurgens is a NFL player from Beatrice, NE, who plays in center position. His college is Nebraska and has an athleticism score of 96.03. Cam Jurgens has a 40 yard dash time of 4.92 seconds.


  • Lateral quickness and athletic ability to climb and cut off middle linebackers.
  • Quick hip roll into initial block at point of attack.
  • Three-year starter who has made the calls up front.
  • Throws hands with some pop into target in pass pro.
  • Fluidity that gives screen games a boost in space.
  • Hand strength to clamp in and ride it out.
  • Plays with a strong core.
  • Snap-to-step quickness for successful reach blocks.


  • Oversetting opens his back-side edge to rushers.
  • Can be too hurried and impatient getting into his block.
  • Will over-step or land at unfavorable angles.
  • Size and overall mass fall below the mark.
  • Short arms diminish his block redirection in recovery mode.
  • Climbs to second level require choppier steps for balance.

NameCam Jurgens
40 Yards Dash4.92 seconds
Data Year2022
Arm Length33.375 inches
College ClassR-Junior
Weight303 lbs
Height74.875 inches

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