Tyrese Robinson 40 Yard Dash Time

Tyrese Robinson Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

5.25 seconds

Tyrese Robinson is a NFL player from McKinney, TX, who plays in offensive guard position. His college is Oklahoma and has an athleticism score of 52.56. Tyrese Robinson has a 40 yard dash time of 5.25 seconds.


  • Keeps elbows tight through punch and clinch.
  • Running into him is like hitting a brick wall.
  • Looks to find block finishes and make statements.
  • Firm down the middle if his anchor is tested.
  • Strong hands to clamp up opponents.
  • Broad chest with powerful upper body.
  • Accelerates slide to meet inside moves.
  • Tough and nasty on the field.


  • Struggles to stay connected to counter moves.
  • Poor agility to make fluid move blocks.
  • Lacks lateral movement for outside zone.
  • Footwork issues leave little margin for error.
  • Loose hand technique leads to grab-and-hug.
  • Below average balance in his mirror.
  • Opponents slide out of his power zone post-contact.
  • Tilted off balance by edge-to-edge rush challenge.

NameTyrese Robinson
40 Yards Dash5.25 seconds
Positionoffensive guard
Data Year2022
Arm Length33.125 inches
College ClassR-Senior
Weight317 lbs
Height74.875 inches

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