Chris Olave 40 Yard Dash Time

Chris Olave Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.39 seconds

Chris Olave is a NFL player from San Ysidro, CA, who plays in wide receiver position. His college is Ohio State and has an athleticism score of 73.45. Chris Olave has a 40 yard dash time of 4.39 seconds.


  • Buttery smooth mode of operation.
  • Adjusts speed to ball flight.
  • Top-end speed creates vertical opportunities.
  • Alters weight and direction for balanced route turns.
  • Effortless in the air and can create a highlight.
  • Blocked two punts during career and has gunner talent.
  • Glider with ability to route coverage up.
  • Burst for separation on all three levels.
  • Scrambles with his quarterback.
  • Able to sit and settle quickly for hitch/curl.
  • Ball skills feature plus focus and well-timed, sudden hands.
  • Able to jab and juke press doors open.


  • Inconsistent working back to the throw when needed.
  • Lack of desired play strength could become a concern.
  • Room for more manipulation as a route salesman.
  • Scheme provided a lot of room for free play.
  • Failed to hold onto would-be touchdown catch in first quarter of loss to Michigan.
  • Average hand strength to finish the catch.
  • Average in run-after-catch mode.
  • Gets run through as run blocker.

NameChris Olave
40 Yards Dash4.39 seconds
Positionwide receiver
Data Year2022
Arm Length31.125 inches
College ClassSenior
Weight187 lbs
Height72.375 inches

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