Marcus McKethan 40 Yard Dash Time

Marcus McKethan Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

5.31 seconds

Marcus McKethan is a NFL player from Barnwell, SC, who plays in offensive guard position. His college is North Carolina and has an athleticism score of 67.7. Marcus McKethan has a 40 yard dash time of 5.31 seconds.


  • Locks out arms and ends the pass rush.
  • Plays with attention to technique.
  • Enormous human with exceptional size and length.
  • Will hit with knock-back power.
  • No bull rushers allowed.
  • Better movement than expected for a player of his size.
  • Body control is solid when pulling across the formation and finding his target.
  • Can be overwhelming when he gets the blocks centered up.
  • Length helps to corral rush counters.
  • Rolls straight downhill as a double-team blocker.


  • Leans and loses his edge.
  • Lacks reactive athleticism to recover effectively.
  • Lunging will be countered by speedy three-techniques in run game.
  • Will struggle against athletic interior rushers.
  • On skates versus second-level move targets.
  • Below-average mirror through engagement.
  • Twists and blitzes exploit his gaps.
  • Moving fronts give him issues.

NameMarcus McKethan
40 Yards Dash5.31 seconds
Positionoffensive guard
Data Year2022
Arm Length35.5 inches
College ClassR-Senior
Weight340 lbs
Height78.5 inches

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