Kenny Pickett 40 Yard Dash Time

Kenny Pickett Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.73 seconds

Kenny Pickett is a NFL player from Oakhurst, NJ, who plays in quarterback position. His college is Pittsburgh and has an athleticism score of 79.03. Kenny Pickett has a 40 yard dash time of 4.73 seconds.


  • Arm talent to make off-platform throws.
  • Comes from athletic family and bloodlines.
  • Good recognition and decisions on combo-route throws to all levels.
  • TD-INT ratio went from 13:9 in 2020 to 42:7 in 2021.
  • Arm strength to push deep outs without a problem.
  • Velocity to stay ahead of closing coverage.
  • Jaw-dropping improvement across the board from 2020.
  • Elusiveness to escape a free runner and scramble for yards.
  • Has good size and all the physical tools needed as a pro.
  • Passing scheme required full-field reads.
  • Worked with improved anticipation and tight spiral throwing into windows.
  • Broke Dan Marino's Pitt passing records.
  • Able to extend the play and win on the move with his arm.
  • Potential to get better at recalibrating reads with more work.


  • Feet don't always follow his eyes when throwing.
  • Finesse throws into buckets are below average.
  • Poor placement and touch added to drop issues.
  • Doesn't throw with much of an expedited release.
  • Better timing would prevent contested catches.
  • Nervous feet and poise can get the best of him despite clean pockets.
  • Can improve at making leading throws.
  • Needs to take the incompletion instead of the sack.
  • Drifts outside pocket rather than climbing to scan.
  • Some scarring from previous protection issues.

NameKenny Pickett
40 Yards Dash4.73 seconds
Data Year2022
Arm Length30.875 inches
College ClassR-Senior
Weight217 lbs
Height75.25 inches

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