JT Woods 40 Yard Dash Time

JT Woods Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.36 seconds

JT Woods is a NFL player from San Antonio, TX, who plays in safety position. His college is Baylor and has an athleticism score of 82.63. JT Woods has a 40 yard dash time of 4.36 seconds.


  • Charges hard to close out crossing routes in his face.
  • Former track star with sprinter's speed.
  • Transitions fluidly from his backpedal.
  • Sticky hands grabbed nine interceptions in last two seasons.
  • Has experience playing in all safety alignments at Baylor.
  • Burst to swoop down and find tackle tries near the line.
  • Speed and length do their job in recovery mode.
  • Bounces from route to route to make a play.
  • Searches for punishing blows on pass-catchers.


  • Loses track of deep-ball duties.
  • Too much freestyle in his coverage and movements.
  • Below average as a tackle finisher.
  • Can be a step behind to challenge throws due to indecisiveness.
  • Hurried angles create small margin for tackle error.

NameJT Woods
40 Yards Dash4.36 seconds
Data Year2022
Arm Length32.375 inches
College ClassSenior
Weight195 lbs
Height74.125 inches

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