Damarri Mathis 40 Yard Dash Time

Damarri Mathis Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.39 seconds

Damarri Mathis is a NFL player from Lakeland, FL, who plays in cornerback position. His college is Pittsburgh and has an athleticism score of 83.25. Damarri Mathis has a 40 yard dash time of 4.39 seconds.


  • Maintains route feel across the hashes.
  • Quick read-and-respond from zone.
  • Crowds tight to route when phasing.
  • Compact and strong.
  • Races to the catch point with efficient paths.
  • Can shuffle with inside or outside leverage in Cover 3.
  • Wrap-up finisher who rarely allows runners to sneak away.
  • Steps downhill and thumps pass-catchers.
  • Redirects release with forceful shove to the boundary.


  • Missed 2020 season due to shoulder injury.
  • Can't carry speedy receivers vertically.
  • Panic brings loads of penalties down the field.
  • Shows too much respect against drive routes.
  • Balance gets away from him in transitions.
  • Lacks desired length to succeed from trail.
  • Loses tackle angles pursuing runners in space.

NameDamarri Mathis
40 Yards Dash4.39 seconds
Data Year2022
Arm Length31.875 inches
College ClassR-Senior
Weight196 lbs
Height71 inches

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