Cal Adomitis 40 Yard Dash Time

Cal Adomitis Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.97 seconds

Cal Adomitis is a NFL player from Pittsburgh, PA, who plays in long snapper position. His college is Pittsburgh and has an athleticism score of 0. Cal Adomitis has a 40 yard dash time of 4.97 seconds.


  • Snaps are generally accurate and easy to handle.
  • Heavily involved in charitable endeavors within community.
  • Five years of snap duties.
  • Minimal hitch in snap delivery.
  • Improved snap speed over last two years.


  • Snap speed is average.
  • Inconsistent in 2021 game versus Virginia Tech.
  • Not the tightest spirals on a consistent basis.

NameCal Adomitis
40 Yards Dash4.97 seconds
Positionlong snapper
Data Year2022
Arm Length30.125 inches
College ClassSenior
Weight235 lbs
Height73.625 inches

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