Thayer Munford Jr. 40 Yard Dash Time

Thayer Munford Jr. Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

5.39 seconds

Thayer Munford Jr. is a NFL player from Cincinnati, OH, who plays in offensive tackle position. His college is Ohio State and has an athleticism score of 54.98. Thayer Munford Jr. has a 40 yard dash time of 5.39 seconds.


  • Well-timed outside hand in pass protection.
  • Above-average upper-body power jostles opponents.
  • Recovers to re-engage through heavy contact in run game.
  • Has potential to move his man on single blocks.
  • Starting experience at left tackle and left guard.
  • Big hands for quick clinches against unimaginative rushers.
  • Uses above-average length with some effectiveness.
  • Maintains weight on inside leg as a pass-setting tackle.
  • Four-year starter.
  • Showed ability to stymie and redirect edge rushers in 2020.


  • Needs better pop and commitment for secure blocks.
  • Sloppy footwork in pass sets lead to some ugly losses.
  • Lateral slides and change of direction are labored.
  • Plodding and erratic on second-level adjustments.
  • Needs better accuracy and quicker re-sets with his hands.
  • Too slow laterally to make much difference as zone blocker.
  • Struggles with balance and recovery once beaten.
  • Fails to bring feet with him as run blocker.
  • Waist-bending and leaning get him in trouble.

NameThayer Munford Jr.
40 Yards Dash5.39 seconds
Positionoffensive tackle
Data Year2022
Arm Length35.125 inches
College ClassSenior
Weight328 lbs
Height77.75 inches

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