Tesla Plaid S Top Speed

Tesla Plaid S Top Speed

Top Speed

321.00 km/h


199.46 mp/h

Tesla Plaid S is the newest car released by Tesla which has become a sensation since the day it started to sell. It is the fastest production electric car ever made till now with an astonishing 0-60 mph in only 1.9 seconds if you active the Ludacris mode of the car or Drag Strip control. The highest speed is confirmed by the Tesla team and Elon Musk to be 200 mph or 321.9 kmh. The price of Tesla Plaid S ranges from 120.000$ to 150.000$ and the more options you add the more its value increases. There are many discussions going on with the steering wheel of this car because it is not round and everybody says that while driving into the city it can be a pain and safety concern.

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