Matt Araiza 40 Yard Dash Time

Matt Araiza Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

4.68 seconds

Matt Araiza is a NFL player from San Diego, CA, who plays in punter position. His college is San Diego State and has an athleticism score of 0. Matt Araiza has a 40 yard dash time of 4.68 seconds.


  • Punting style creates strong forward bounce if it's not caught.
  • Incredible net average of nearly 50 yards on open-field punts (led the NCAA, minimum 10 attempts).
  • Had 18 punts of 60-plus yards in 2021, including two at 80 or more yards.
  • Hit 62 of 73 kickoffs for touchbacks over the course of the entire 2021 season.
  • Former soccer player and hurdler with plus athleticism.
  • Elite field-flipping talent with unmatched power.
  • Hustles down and cuts off return angles as talented tackler.


  • Speedy operation allows less time for gunners to get downfield.
  • Has relative disregard for touchbacks and coverage consideration.
  • Left-footed kicking makes field goal kicking less likely.
  • 31.3% of his pooch punts turned into touchbacks, per PFF.
  • Needs better touch with nose-drop technique for coffin corners.

NameMatt Araiza
40 Yards Dash4.68 seconds
Data Year2022
Arm Length30.5 inches
College ClassR-Junior
Weight200 lbs
Height73.125 inches

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