Kenyon Green 40 Yard Dash Time

Kenyon Green Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

5.24 seconds

Kenyon Green is a NFL player from Humble, TX, who plays in offensive guard position. His college is Texas A&M and has an athleticism score of 55.06. Kenyon Green has a 40 yard dash time of 5.24 seconds.


  • Booming upper-body strength to cave in A-gap blitzers.
  • Adequate patience and body control to connect on second level.
  • Improved anchor over the years.
  • Feasts on slabs of ribs when helping in protection.
  • Bulldozing drive blocker with horsepower to consistently clear paths.
  • Impressive hand resets help to re-establish and finish the block.
  • Base and power make wall-off blocks impenetrable.
  • Pass punch is direct and forceful.
  • Well-schooled on leverage and hand placement in run game.
  • Broad frame with good thickness from waist to ankles.
  • Adequate recovery potential when needed.


  • Slow to activate lateral slide when mirroring.
  • Requires better feel for best angles as inside-zone blocker.
  • Enters lateral block fit before finding positioning.
  • Has a history of opting-in on holding penalties.
  • New Mexico twist game gave him trouble.
  • Below-average instincts in pass protection.
  • Struggled with block sustain in loss to Mississippi State.

NameKenyon Green
40 Yards Dash5.24 seconds
Positionoffensive guard
Data Year2022
Arm Length34.125 inches
College ClassJunior
Weight323 lbs
Height75.875 inches

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