General information
Model Gemera
Generation Gemera
Modification (Engine) 2.0 (1700 Hp) Hybrid AWD KDD
Start of production March, 2020 year
Powertrain Architecture FHEV (Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
Body typeGrand Tourer
Seats 4
Doors 2
Performance specs
Fuel Type petrol / Ethanol - E85 / electricity
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h1.9 sec
Acceleration 0 - 62 mph1.9 sec
Acceleration 0 - 60 mph
Maximum speed 400 km/h 248.55 mph
Weight-to-power ratio 1.1 kg/Hp, 918.9 Hp/tonne
Weight-to-torque ratio 0.5 kg/Nm, 1891.9 Nm/tonne
Electric cars and hybrids specs
Gross battery capacity 16.6 kWh
All-electric range 50 km 31.07 mi
Electric motor 1
Electric motor power 400 Hp
Electric motor Torque 500 Nm 368.78 lb.-ft.
Engine location Front, Transverse
Electric motor 2
Electric motor power500 Hp
Electric motor Torque 1000 Nm 737.56 lb.-ft.
Engine locationRear axle, Transverse
Electric motor 3
Electric motor power500 Hp
Electric motor Torque 1000 Nm 737.56 lb.-ft.
Engine locationRear axle, Transverse
System power 1700 Hp
System torque 3500 Nm 2581.47 lb.-ft.
Internal combustion engine specs
Power 600 Hp @ 7500 rpm.
Torque 600 Nm @ 2000-7000 rpm. 442.54 lb.-ft. @ 2000-7000 rpm.
Maximum engine speed 8500 rpm.
Engine location Middle, Longitudinal
Number of cylinders 3
Position of cylinders Inline
Cylinder Bore 95 mm 3.74 in.
Piston Stroke 93.5 mm 3.68 in.
Compression ratio 9.5
Fuel System Direct injection
Engine aspiration Twin-Turbo, Intercooler
Valvetrain FREEVALVE
Space, Volume and weights
Kerb Weight 1850 kg 4078.55 lbs.
Trunk (boot) space - minimum 200 l 7.06 cu. ft.
Fuel tank capacity 75 l 19.81 US gal | 16.5 UK gal
Length 4975 mm 195.87 in.
Width 1988 mm 78.27 in.
Height 1295 mm 50.98 in.
Wheelbase 3000 mm 118.11 in.
Ride height (ground clearance) 117 mm 4.61 in.
Drivetrain, brakes and suspension specs
Drivetrain Architecture The Internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric motor drive the front wheels of the car with the ability to work in full electric or mixed mode. Two electric motors drive rear wheels.
Drive wheel All wheel drive (4x4)
Number of Gears (automatic transmission) 1 KDD
Front suspension Double wishbone
Rear suspension Double wishbone
Front brakesVentilated discs, 415 mm
Rear brakesVentilated discs, 390 mm
Assisting systemsABS (Anti-lock braking system)4-wheel steering (4WS, active rear steering)
Steering type Steering rack and pinion
Power steering Electric Steering
Tires size Front wheel tires: 295/30 ZR21Rear wheel tires: 317/30 ZR22
Wheel rims sizeFront wheel rims: 10.5J x 21Rear wheel rims: 11.5J x 22