Bernhard Raimann 40 Yard Dash Time

Bernhard Raimann Top Speed

40 Yard Dash Time

5.05 seconds

Bernhard Raimann is a NFL player from Steinbrunn, Austria, who plays in offensive tackle position. His college is Central Michigan and has an athleticism score of 96.27. Bernhard Raimann has a 40 yard dash time of 5.05 seconds.


  • Has natural quickness to set out to NFL edge speed as a pro.
  • Pass slides are well-balanced and consistent.
  • Former tight end with enticing movement talent.
  • Additional improvement likely imminent given traits.
  • Can fly up to challenging second-level cutoffs.
  • Keeps feet connected with his pads.
  • Rides rushers around the arc with agile feet.
  • Took the coaching and developed at a rapid rate.
  • Sinks in hands and mirrors rusher through the whistle.
  • Glides out and finds his work in the screen game.
  • Stalls inside moves with hip torque and rare recovery twitch.
  • Will find his anchor after initial bull-rush.
  • Capable of making clean work-up blocks to linebackers.


  • Instincts will take time to develop.
  • Average at finding positioning in run game.
  • Slight lean into contact when throwing his hands.
  • Pass sets are mechanical and predictable.
  • Hands cradle rather than crush in tight quarters.
  • Needs to diversify tempo and punch approach in the league.
  • Outside hand lacks firmness, softening his edge.
  • Narrow drive base limits push power.
  • Doesn't fit up run blocks with much authority.

NameBernhard Raimann
40 Yards Dash5.05 seconds
Positionoffensive tackle
Data Year2022
Arm Length32.875 inches
College ClassSenior
Weight303 lbs
Height78.125 inches

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