Tupolev Tu-160 Top Speed


1380 mph

2220 km/h

The Tu-160 Blackjack was the world’s largest operational bomber. It is nicknamed the white swan by the pilots and it is the heavies combat aircraft ever built unlike the B-1-B the Tu-160 bomber remains commited to bot low-level penetration at transonic speeds and high level penetration speeds of about Mach 1.9. In 1989 the Tu-160 reached a speed of 2200 km/h for the first time. However later maximum speed was limited to 2000 km/h in order to extend service lives of the engines and fuselage. It is worth noting that the Blackjack set 44 world records even after the aircarft entered service problems continued to severely restrict the operations and production began before common standard and configuration is agreed.

Photo Credit: thaimilitaryandasianregion.blogspot.com