Tuesday, September 28, 2021
TOP SPEED 74.6 mph 120 kmh Seibu 001 Series also known as Laview is a train designed by Kazuyo Sejima and has entered service on March 16 2019. It contains 8 cars and more than 420 seats. Seibu 001 Series replaced the...
TOP SPEED 136 mph 220 km/h Photo Credit: wikipedia.org
TOP SPEED 165.2 mph 266 km/h Photo Credit: amtrak.com

THSR 700T Top Speed

TOP SPEED 186.4 mph 300 km/h Photo Credit:wikimedia.org

Thalys Top Speed

TOP SPEED 186.5 mph 300 km/h Photo Credit:probearoundtheglobe.com
TOP SPEED 200 mph 321 km/h Photo Credit:businesstraveller.com
TOP SPEED 190 mph 305 km/h Photo Credit:iamontheroad.net
TOP SPEED 205 mph 330 km/h Photo Credit:steampowered.com
TOP SPEED 200 mph 321 km/h Photo Credit:arabianbusiness.com

Renfe AVE Top Speed

TOP SPEED 217 mph 349 km/h Photo Credit: thetrainline.com

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